89-5247-80 Conservation of Genetic Information, For 6 groups of 4-5 or 24-30 students. BE-409

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  • This lab activity teaches the following:•Manipulation of protein samples.•The concept of protein sequence.•Time course dependent experiments.•Use of protein electrophoresis for problem solving tasks.


  • In this lab activity, students learn to perform carefully controlled experiments to generate protein fragments using a proteolysis enzyme and then analyze the protein fragments by electrophoresis. By analysis of protein fragmentation patterns, i.e. protein fingerprints, students learn about protein sequence, structure, and their conservation. Students resolve a set of 3 functionally identical protein samples selected from throughout the animal kingdom; including human, bovine and sheep. After generating fingerprints by electrophoresis, students examine the protein fingerprint of each sample to determine the degree of conservation. 
  • 容量:For 6 groups of 4-5 or 24-30 students.
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