89-5245-69 Bacterial Genomic DNA Isolation, For 6 groups of 4-5 or 24-30 students. BE-317

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  • Understand principle of genomic isolation.
  • Purify genomic DNA from plants or bacteria.
  • Adaptable for a variety of plant tissues.


  • Isolation of genomic DNA is an essential technique in modern research science, particularly molecular biology and biotechnology. Genomic DNA is purified from a multitude of sources including mammalian tissue, such as cheek cells (BE-303), plant cells or bacterial cells.This kit uses detergent lysis and precipitation to purify genomic DNA from bacteria. This kit does not utilize toxic agents, such as phenol or chloroform for genomic DNA extraction. 
  • 容量:For 6 groups of 4-5 or 24-30 students.
  • 研究専用試薬です。本製品の使用は、研究用に限定して販売しております。
  • 医薬品の製造、診断、臨床検査用途には使用できません。

アズワン品番 89-5245-69
型番 BE-317
JANコード 0000000000000
標準価格 26,000円(税抜)
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