89-5245-68 Bacterial Culture & Growth Study, For 6 groups of 4-5 or 24-30 students. BE-201

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  • Aseptic techniques and bacteria culture.
  • Study growth curve of bacteria in liquid medium.
  • Growth of single bacterial colonies on a solid phase.
  • Hands-on experimentation with microorganism.
  • Understand the importance of bacterial culture techniques in industrial biotechnology.


  • This kit teaches aseptic handling techniques and cultivation of bacteria in liquid culture media and on solid phase agar plates.This kit is designed to educate students about the various stages of the bacterial growth cycle, i.e. lag, log or exponential, stationary, and decline or death phases. The kit also teaches the importance of growing bacteria on solid phase agar plates to isolate single colonies of bacteria. This lab activity involves preparation of culture medium and solid agar plates.
  • 容量:For 6 groups of 4-5 or 24-30 students.
  • 研究専用試薬です。本製品の使用は、研究用に限定して販売しております。
  • 医薬品の製造、診断、臨床検査用途には使用できません。

アズワン品番 89-5245-68
型番 BE-201
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