89-5245-50 Apoptotic DNA Ladder kit, 100 Preps 786-209

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  • For Preparing Apoptotic Nucleosomal DNA Ladder


  • The Apoptotic DNA Ladder kit contains all of the reagents necessary for the preparation of cellular fractions for the production of apoptosis nucleosomal DNA ladders. The kit does not require the use of toxic phenol. The protocol involves:cell lysis; removal of cellular debris; and precipitation of nucleosomal DNA. Nucleosomal DNA is detected after standard 1.8% agarose gel electrophoresis. The protocol provides the choice of preparing nucleosomal DNA ladder either with or without genomic DNA. The kit is suitable for preparing up to 100 apoptotic ladders. 
  • 容量:100 Preps
  • 研究専用試薬です。本製品の使用は、研究用に限定して販売しております。
  • 医薬品の製造、診断、臨床検査用途には使用できません。

アズワン品番 89-5245-50
型番 786-209
JANコード 0000000000000
標準価格 41,000円(税抜)
入り数 1個
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