83-2272-15 KRIBIOLISA Ovalbumin ELISA 1 x 96 wells KBBP06

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  • Description:Immunoassay for the quantification of Ovalbumin
  • Egg allergies occur in a small size of the population.
  • As some of the vaccines like influenza and yellow fever
  • vaccines are made in eggs, egg proteins (primarily Ovalbumin) are present in the final product.
  • Residual quantities
  • of egg proteins found in the vaccines may induce severe and rarely fatal hypersensitivity reactions in children with
  • egg allergies.
  • The KRIBIOLISA Ovalbumin ELISA enables estimation of Ovalbumin found as impurities in vaccines
  • and cell culture supernatants.
  • About the kit:
  • - Uses anti-idiotypic antibodies sourced from our vendor partner in the US, which ensures higher specificity, and low cross reactivity.
  • - Recovery rates are between 85 - 115%
  • - Ready to use with a standard protocol with break-apart pre-coated wells
  • - Validated as per US FDA guidelines for Bioassays
  • - Optimized for matrix effects to ensure higher sensitivity.
  • - Shelf life: 1 year
  • This assay is based on the Sandwich ELISA method.
  • Samples containing Ovalbumin are reacted with microtiter
  • wells pre-coated with affinity purified capture Ovalbumin antibody followed by washing and then detected using
  • detection antibody and HRP Conjugated antibody.
  • This immunological reaction results in formation of an immuno
  • complex of solid phase.
  • The wells are washed to remove any unbound reactants.
  • The substrate 3, 3', 5, 5'
  • Tetramethyl Benzidine is then reacted.
  • The amount of hydrolyzed substrate is read on a microtiter plate reader
  • and it is directly proportional to the concentration of Ovalbumin present.


  • サイズ:1 x 96 wells
  • Reactivity:Human
  • アプリケーション:Assay
  • Sensitivity:Please refer to the current IFU for the updated calibrator range and sensitivity.
  • Calibration Range:0.5 ng/ml - 100 ng/ml
  • サンプルタイプ:Cell Culture Supernatant and Other Biological Preparations
  • データシート:https://krishgen.com/upload/datasheets/KBBP06-Ovalbumin-ELISA-kitinsert-Ver2.0.pdf
  • 測定方法:Colorimetric, 450nm
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アズワン品番 83-2272-15
型番 KBBP06
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