83-2271-36 KRIBIOLISA Oxyntomodulin (Glucagon 37) ELISA 1 x 96 wells KBI5026

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  • Description:Immunoassay for quantitative estimation of Oxyntomodulin
  • in human serum, plasma and tissue extracts.
  • Oxyntomodulin (Glucagon37) is a 37-amino acid polypeptide, consisting of the glucagon molecule plus a C-
  • terminal extension.
  • It is produced by ileal L cells after cleavage of proglucagon by prohormone convertase 1;
  • mice lacking prohormone convertase 1 have a reduction in oxyntomodulin, GLP-1, GLP-2, and glicentin
  • levels.
  • As with GLP-1, oxyntomodulin is inactivated by DPP-4.
  • Endogenous oxyntomodulin appears to work
  • as a satiety signal, rising after a meal
  • About the kit:
  • - Uses anti-idiotypic antibodies sourced from our vendor partner in the US, which ensures higher specificity, and low cross reactivity.
  • - Recovery rates are between 85 - 115%
  • - Ready to use with a standard protocol with break-apart pre-coated wells
  • - Validated as per US FDA guidelines for Bioassays
  • - Optimized for matrix effects to ensure higher sensitivity.
  • - Shelf life: 1 year
  • The Oxyntomodulin ELISA is a competitive immunoassay for the determination of Oxyntomodulin.
  • The
  • antiserum is captured by antibodies coated on a 96-well plate.
  • A constant concentration of Biotin Concentrate
  • and varying concentrations of unlabeled standard or sample compete for binding specifically to the antiserum.
  • Captured Bt-tracer is subsequently bound by SA-HRP (streptavidin-conjugated horseradish peroxidase),
  • which produces a soluble colored product after a substrate is added.
  • The enzyme reaction is stopped by
  • dispensing an acidic solution (H2SO4) into the wells after 10 min at room temperature turning the solution
  • from blue to yellow.
  • The optical density (OD) of the solution at 450 nm is inversely proportional to the amount
  • of specific Oxyntomodulin bound.


  • サイズ:1 x 96 wells
  • Reactivity:Human
  • アプリケーション:ELISA,Immunoassay
  • Sensitivity:1 ng/ml
  • Calibration Range:0.01 to 100 ng/ml
  • サンプルタイプ:Human Serum, Plasma and Tissue extracts
  • データシート:https://krishgen.com/upload/datasheets/KBI5026-Oxyntomodulin-ELISA.pdf
  • 測定方法:Colorimetric, 450nm
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アズワン品番 83-2271-36
型番 KBI5026
入り数 1個
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