64-1883-18 なべ形 小ねじ M6 50mm ステンレス鋼 1袋(50個入) 914-1548

[RS PRO] RS PRO, M6 Pan Head, 50mm Stainless Steel Pozidriv A2 3041

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  • DIN7985
  • この製品にワッシャは付属していません。なべ頭プラス小ねじ製品を確認するには、データシート及び留め具選択ガイドを参照してください。この2種類の文書により、さまざまなサイズと長さのねじを見つけることができます。
  • 鍋小ねじ(十字穴付き) - A2ステンレススチール、メトリックねじ山
  • 小ねじは全ねじで、タップ加工済みの穴に使用するか、スルーホールに適合するナットやワッシャと併用するように特別に設計されています。小ねじには、さまざまな構成、材料、ドライバヘッドタイプ、サイズの製品が用意されています。
  • 小ねじは、名前が示すように、数多くの物がある中で電気製品、工具、機械、電子機器、車両などにおける各種コンポーネントを固定するのに使用されます。また、ボルトに似ていますが、ヘッドに溝穴があるため、ドライバで回すことができます。
  • 組み付けが簡単ですか
  • 当社のPozidrivなべ頭小ねじは、組み付けやすさを体感できるようになっています。
  • どのような場面で使われますか
  • このタイプのねじは、食品、医療、化学、電気、家庭などのほとんどの用途でよく使用されています。
  • A machine screw is similar to a bolt but has a socket or slot in its head that allows it to be turned by a screwdriver
  • The shank on a machine screw is straight rather than tapered with a full thread which is uniform along the entire length
  • Machine screws do not tap their own thread into materials like wood screws do but are designed to be fastened into pre-tapped holes in the parts they are fastening together
  • Having a threaded hole creates a stronger joint and results in a higher quality product
  • 特長 / 利点
  • 優れた耐腐食性
  • A2グレード18/8ステンレススチール(タイプ304 S15)
  • さまざまな接合部を固定可能
  • 美装仕上げ
  • 最高800 °Cまで使用可能
  • Pan head machine screws, as the name suggests, have a head that looks like an inverted frying pan
  • The heads are flat on the top and rounded on the sides
  • When driven into material pan head machine screws protrude rather than sit flush
  • Pan head type screws are used when a flat bearing surface is needed but a countersunk screw is not required
  • 代表的用途
  • 機械部品
  • 装飾
  • 電子機器
  • キッチンユーティリティ
  • Pozidriv, sometimes shortened to Pozi, stands for positive drive
  • This head type has a cross recess in the centre with four small indentations around it creating 8 points of contact
  • This design provides improved engagement and contact with the screwdriver and prevents ejection force when tightening or loosening the machine screw
  • Features and Benefits
  • Pozidriv head type for improved screwdriver grip Pan head design for a flat bearing surface A2 stainless steel for excellent resistance to corrosion and oxidation, strong abrasion resistance, low levels of distortion and the ability to withstand extremes of temperature Easily Cleanable Meets DIN 7985 Standards
  • What are Machine Screws Used For
  • These stainless steel pan head machine screws are designed to hold separate components together in a wide range of applications such as industrial machinery and vehicle engines
  • They are screwed through pre-drilled tapped holes in 2 components and can be fastened at the rear with a nut
  • This 304 stainless steel machine screw is ideal for use in the following:
  • Food processing and brewing equipment Domestic appliances Building fasteners and fixings Medical equipment Non-salt water marine applications
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • What Does M2.5, M3, M3.5, M4, M5 Mean
  • These measurements are found on metric screws, The 'M' stands for Metric
  • The number after the 'M' is the nominal outer diameter of the screw in mm
  • How Do I Cut a Machine Screw
  • Damage to the machine screw threads can prevent parts from fitting together properly, therefore care has to be taken when cutting them and the correct tools used Cutting a small machine screw (up to standard size #10 or metric size M5 (5mm) Use a pair of multipurpose wire strippers or electricians pliers that feature M2.5, M3, M3.5, M4, M5 threaded holes
  • These holes are designed for cutting bolts without damaging the thread
  • Open the jaws and thread the machine screw into the correct size hole to the distance required
  • Squeeze the tool handles closed and the screw will be cut at the point where the two halves of the jaws come together
  • You will have a clean cut without any thread damage
  • Cutting a large machine screw (larger than size #10 or metric size M5 (5mm) This is best done using a hacksaw
  • Thread the nut on the screw until it reaches the desired point on the head side of the cutting line
  • Place the screw in a vice or clamp to keep it secure when cutting and cut the screw as straight as you can
  • When you unthread the nut it will repair and realign any threads that may have been damaged by the saw blade.


  • 入数:1袋(50個入)
  • ヘッド形状:なべ形
  • ドライブタイプ:Pozidriv
  • 長さメトリック:50mm
  • ねじサイズ(メートル法):M6
  • 材料:ステンレス鋼
  • ステンレスタイプ:A2 304
  • ねじ山ピッチ:1
  • RoHS適合状況:適合
  • コード番号:914-1548

アズワン品番 64-1883-18
型番 914-1548
入り数 1袋(50個入)
標準価格 2,470円(税抜)
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