63-7572-18 [取扱停止]デジタル騒音計 最大:140dB 最小:35dB  GA113

[Castle] Castle GA 113 Digital Sound Level Meter 20kHz



  • For compliance with the Noise at Work regulations and relevant international standards, sound level meters should be calibrated before use and checked afterwards
  • See later in this section for GA607 acoustic calibrator (stock no
  • < 479-2034') 479-2034
  • A kit case (KA010, stock no
  • < 229-9454') 229-9454 for protecting your GA113 and GA60766 is also available
  • GA113 Class 1 Integrating Sound Level Meter
  • Designed for Industrial Safety Officers, Safety Managers and Engineers for compliance with the Health and Safety at Work Act; Noise at Work regulation 1989
  • Will provide necessary information for completing risk assessments
  • Integrated equivalent level (Ieq) measurement Personal sound exposure level (Lex or Lep d) measurement DOSE%, Projected DOSE% and Projected Lex functions Sound pressure (Lp) to 0.1dB resolution A and C frequency weighting (toggle) Slow and Fast Time constraints (toggle) Simultaneous measurement of Lp, Leq, Lmax and Pmax Lmax maximum LP hold (rms) Pmax maximum peak level Elapsed time (running time hrs, min, sec) Overload and under-range indication Battery condition (Life approx
  • 24 hrs) Optional extra: Plug-in Dosemeter microphone to convert the GA113 into a Dosemeter (stock no
  • < 479-2056') 479-2056
  • Dosemeter Microphone
  • Converts GA113 Sound Level Meter into a personal sound exposure meter (dosemeter) Includes Class 2 (Type 2) microphone When fitted, meter complies with IEC 61252:1993
  • Note: This instrument is supplied with a 1-year warranty and factory calibration from the date of manufacture
  • A free 3-year warranty extension is available subject to annual calibration being maintained.


  • 入数:1個
  • 最大音圧レベル:140dB
  • 最小サウンドレベル:35dB
  • 分解能:0.1 dB
  • 線量測定:あり
  • 重みづけ:A, C
  • ディスプレイのタイプ:LCD - バックライト
  • バッテリタイプ:9 V
  • 高速/低速の平均時間:両方
  • 最大周波数:20kHz
  • 動作温度 Max:+40°C
  • 最小周波数:1 Hz
  • モデル番号(P):GA 113
  • RoHS適合状況:該当なし
  • コード番号:479-2028

アズワン品番 63-7572-18
型番 GA113
標準価格 109,000円(税抜)
WEB価格 -
入り数 1個
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