Flightlink Controls

63-7566-57 DCモーター ブラシ  005203

[Flightlink Controls] Flightlink Controls Brushed DC Motor, 94 W, 22.5 V dc, 30 Ncm, 3000 rpm, 6mm Shaft Diameter



  • 32 W → 243 W
  • Flat design Long life when operating with highest nominal values High performance-to-weight ratio Very smooth operation at low speeds Good acceleration from idle state when fully loaded Low inductance Minimal brush sparking Minimal radio interference Various magnet materials: M type with ferrite magnets; N type with "rare earth magnets" The N type delivers up to 2.5 times the performance and 3 times the torque of an M-type motor of the same size
  • These powerful pancake motors offer numerous additional advantages compared with conventional permanent magnet DC motors:


  • 入数:1個
  • 電源電圧:22.5 V dc
  • DCモータータイプ:ブラシ
  • 許容入力:94 W
  • 出力スピード:3000 rpm
  • 軸径:6mm
  • 最大出力トルク:30 Ncm
  • 長さ:37.7mm
  • 寸法:120 (直径) x 37.7 mm
  • 許容電流値:6.9 A
  • RoHS適合状況:適合
  • コード番号:472-1284

アズワン品番 63-7566-57
型番 005203
標準価格 36,800円(税抜)
入り数 1個
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