RS Pro

63-7566-15 中継用端子台 5極  469-1818

[RS PRO] RS Non-Fused Terminal Block, 5 Way/Pole, 4 mm², Nylon, 450 V



  • IP68 Waterproof Cable Connectors
  • TEETUBE Versatile cable connector for use with circular profile cables indoors or outdoors
  • The IP68 rating means it can be used underwater or underground
  • The internal terminal block is easily accessible and quickly wired
  • Available in 3-pole or 5-pole versions
  • A metal mounting clip is provided
  • A 2-part gland body sealing ring allows the use of a wide cable diameter range see cable diameter acceptance that follows
  • General features
  • Tested to IP68 at 5 Bar Temperature rating -20 to +125°C Rated at 450V/32A Barrel in PA 66 with cable gland and terminal block in PA 6 nylon Lengths 115mm (3-pole), 130mm (5-pole) Diameters 26.5mm and 32.0mm respectively Cable gland size M20 (3-pole), M25 (5-pole)
  • Cable diameter acceptance
  • 3-pole 5 to 8mm with inner AND outer seal, 8 to 13mm with outer seal ONLY 5-pole 8 to 12mm with inner AND outer seal, 12 to 17mm with outer seal ONLY


  • 入数:1個
  • 極数:5
  • 定格電流:32A
  • ケーブルサイズ:4 mm2
  • 素材:ナイロン
  • 定格電圧:450 V
  • 動作温度 Min:-20°C
  • 動作温度 Max:+125°C
  • エンクローズ:あり
  • コンタクト材質:真鍮
  • コンタクトめっき:ニッケル
  • RoHS適合状況:適合
  • コード番号:469-1818

アズワン品番 63-7566-15
型番 469-1818
標準価格 1,600円(税抜)
入り数 1個
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