63-5053-22 SDカード 容量 16 GB クラス Class 10  44010

[Verbatim] Verbatim 16 GB MicroSDHC Card Class 10

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  • Verbatim MicroSDHC Class 10 Card
  • Currently the smallest form factor of memory card available, the Verbatim microSDHC Class 10 memory cards are designed especially for mobile phones, this tiny memory card consumes very little power, therefore preserving the battery life of your mobile phone
  • It can also be used in GPS devices, MP3 players, digital cameras and PDA's
  • Class 10 specification indicates a minimum data transfer speed of 10MB/Sec.


  • 入数:1個
  • カードフォーマット:MicroSDHC
  • 容量:16 GB
  • スピードクラス:Class 10
  • RoHS適合状況:適合
  • コード番号:750-4792

荷姿サイズ:90×140×5 mm 10 g [荷姿サイズについて]

アズワン品番 63-5053-22
型番 44010
標準価格 990円(税抜)
入り数 1個
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